Get @HeyTell Cause’ Texting is so 2010


HeyTell App

R.I.P. Text Messaging… Ok so that may be a bit of an overstatement but why send a text when you can speak your message? No, we are not talking software that translates your message to a text; we are talking instant voice messaging here.

With the press of a button you can speak your message to your friend and have it delivered to them immediately. The great thing here is while it is delivered immediately it’s not received until the users opens it up, so if your busy or on a call you will get to your friends message when you get the chance.

Don’t drive and text, use a Bluetooth and speak your messages to your friends. Seriously people, give this a shot. It’s for iPhone and Android and if you’re using a Blackberry, go give your grandfather back his phone.

Hey @Heytell, why not add group messaging? That would be dope!


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