Madden 12 Gets a Concussion

Madden 12

Despite the NFL being mired in a lockout with no seemingly end in sight and the upcoming season in serious jeopardy. Despite the real life NFL drama over billions of dollars, the team at EA Sports continues to put in work on their best selling video game franchise Madden Football. Madden 12 is scheduled to be released in August that is usually hyped up by new features fans have been craving for.

The item/feature that has gathered the most buzz for this years Madden 12 game is concussions. Pardon? Yes concussions, when a player gets a concussion they will be unable to return to the game, as they have been able to do in previous years. The EA Sports team is trying to draw attention to how serious concussions are by adding an educational component to be delivered by the announcing team of Gus Johns and Chris Collinsworth when they occur in game. EA also claims that this will add realism to the along with removing tackles where players lead with their helmets.

Madden Concussion

Concussions are serious business there is no doubt about that, but EA Sports, are you freaking kidding me? You do realize that you are producing a video game? I want to reiterate, it’s a video game. Players should be blasting each other out there.

You want to create realism? Take note of the following:

  • The onside kick – Have you guys ever actually seen an onside kick? Because what you have created in game isn’t even close.
  • Goal line and short yardage situations – Again, have you guys seen a goal line situation? You simply have a mashing of players standing up and bumping into each other. Nobody gets down; there are no piles of bodies, no leaping over the pile. Nothing on 4th and inches on the goal line in Madden represents realism.
  • Online Play – It’s a mess, why cant I keep track of wins and losses against a group of my friends? I have 20 buddies who play this game online and we cant keep track of this online?
  • Breaking tackles – I agree Adrian Peterson is amazing but when he runs through 9 of my defenders every play makes things a bit much in the realism department don’t you think?
  • Game Balance – One year its offense the next its defense, last year I was throwing for 350 yards a game and on defense I couldn’t stop anybody, the year before that it was all defense.

I could keep going but I think you get the drift here.  I know you have to play by the rules that the NFL gives you but come on this is the best that we have to talk about with this year’s upcoming release?

What are your thoughts on concussions being the focal point of this years Madden 12 release?

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