So You Think Twitter is Stupid? Look Again…

Think Twitter is Stupid?

How many times have you heard people say that they just do not understand what the point of Twitter is? In my world It’s pretty routine for my friends to give me a hard time about my activity on Twitter, let alone the fact that I go to “tweet ups” frequently. “Do you all get together, sit in a room and tweet each other?” That’s exactly what we do, great joke man…

It’s clear you understand nothing about Twitter, so here are some quick points to help you understand the value of Twitter.

1)   Don’t want to Tweet? Just follow what interests you.

What are your interests? Do you enjoy sports? News? Politics? Cooking? Follow experts that tweet about the information that matters to you; this is an awesome way to get news and tips directly from the source and you can do this without ever having to send a single tweet. Love sports? Follow athletes from your favorite team and get an unfiltered look into the lives of the players you see on TV everyday.

2)   Finding conversations with people who share similar interests as you.

Don’t just follow people for the sake of following people, do searches for conversations based around your personal interests. Take advantage of and select advanced search, you will be able to target some very specific things that people are talking about. For example, Yankees fan? Do a search for the hashtag #Yankees during the game and jump in the conversation with other Yankee fans that are watching the game.

3)   Using Twitter for business?

Use Twitter to establish an identity and create a brand image for yourself or your company. Tweet to provide value for your customers or to the people that follow you, never be salesy or spammy with your tweets. Give tips, advice, offer help and engage with other people. Be a real person! It’s a major turn off to people who think you are a robot that is constantly trying to sell something to them.

These are just a few examples that can help you use Twitter to your benefit, I encourage you to try it out if nothing more then following specific people that are of interest to you.  It allows you unfiltered access to people and news sources like we have never had before. 

Thanks to Twitter I have connected with people I otherwise would not of had a chance to connect with. I’ve made some great friends and networked with people in the same business industry that I am in. I have started a company with somebody I have met through Twitter and had that company acquired two years later, so before you joke about our Tweet-Ups just give some consideration to the opportunities that you may be missing by not being involved in the right conversations.  Follow Me: @AtlantaSnoop

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