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Running Facebook Contests? Want a Higher Entry Rate?

5 Jul

Facebook Requesting Permissions

Chances are if you are reading this then you are either running a contest on Facebook or thinking about running one. Sweepstakes, contests and giveaways are all great ways to attract fans to your brand providing that you are doing the appropriate promotion that caters to the audience you are looking to cultivate. Now that Facebook requires you to run your contests through the use of a 3rd party application there are a couple of items that you need to take into consideration. The first item is selecting the technology or application that you will use to run this contest and the second one is the manner in which contest entries are handled.

These days’ countless companies and individuals are developing applications and technology platforms for usage within Facebook. Some platforms and applications offer extremely robust tools for you to easily create a contest and deliver to your fans. You will have to choose the right technology offering that suits the contest you are looking to run.  Some applications have the ability to allow fans to upload pictures and even videos so that others can vote and select a winner while other applications are much more simplistic only offering the most basic means of contest entry. Whatever the contest may be you need to take one specific factor into consideration: to have your contests require permissions to be authorized or not.

Depending on the technology provider you may not even have this option.

The biggest problem you will see is the drop off when a fan sees that you are asking to “authorize permissions” in order to enter, they will simply back out and choose not to enter the contest at all if they feel their data is being shared. Authorizing permissions is the screen that tells you they data that they will have access to and asks you to “Allow” or “Deny” this access.  If an application is pulling user data through usage of that application then they must disclose the data that they have access to and give you an option to “Allow” or “Deny” this access.

Ever get an email out of the blue and wonder how that particular brand added you to their newsletter since you never signed up for it? There is a good chance that you engaged with that brand on Facebook and authorized permissions through some sort of application that they presented you with.  If you clicked “allow” they may now have your details.

In an age where privacy is a priority, people are paying closer attention to what and whom they are allowing access to online. Many users are becoming more educated on prying eyes and denying these types of 3rd party requests. Your contest entry and engagement will suffer from this as many feel that giving you access to that level of data is unnecessary.

By making sure you select a technology provider that does not require fans to authorize permissions to enter your contest you will get a much higher entry rate into your contests. If you want to collect data from your fans then ask them for it, don’t use a clever app to pull in data from those unsuspecting. Nobody likes receiving things such as newsletters they didn’t ask for. Don’t be a data snake. 


Do You Have a Proper Social Messaging Strategy?

29 Jun

Social Media Communications

The conversation is always about the super cool technology that allows us to do some amazing things in the social media world but all too often we forget to talk about  the appropriate messaging to our fans and followers. You can have the most amazing social media presence but without the proper communications strategy your technology investment will quickly turn itself into an expense.

Let’s look at some of the channels for communication:


With the Facebook Edgerank system (Facebook Edgerank and What it Means) it is important to have your fans actively engage with the content that you post.  There is a fine line you have to walk with messaging to your Facebook fans and there is no “one size fits all” type of communication strategy.  But do know this, if you become a trusted advisor to your fans the sales will come. Becoming a trusted advisor is all about becoming a resource for your fan base and that is created with good quality content that others will find valuable.  It is important not to spam your Facebook fans at the risk of turning them off, my preference is for two good quality Facebook updates per day.


Many people ask why? Some even say that their business doesn’t need it. I say your missing an opportunity to share with potential customers why you are the expert in your field. Every business can have a blog and use it to their advantage. Selling concrete? Blog about the different types of concrete, share with people information about what makes concrete different. Be informative, after all someone out there is looking for information about concrete and this is your chance to stand out and share your expertise with those people.  


Harnessed properly it can be very advantageous for your brand. Before you even begin sending tweets search for mentions about your business. Search for mentions about your competition or keywords that are relevant to your industry. Doing so might allow you opportunities to jump into a conversation and provide value. Re-tweet other interesting tweets and share informative content such as blog posts and news articles that you think your followers will find valuable. Reply to people who ask questions about things that are related to your industry or area of expertise but whatever you do don’t jump into a conversation and try selling someone. You want to be a trusted advisor to people and not some used car salesmen, they will appreciate your valuable insight and chances are they will follow your brand.

Proper social messaging is key if you are going to truly harness the power of social media. Remember, even if you have the best social media technology platform to help you the one thing it cannot control is your message, only you can do that. 

What Custom Facebook Welcome Pages SHOULD Do

14 Jun

Facebook Tabs

Everyone’s doing it these days. Custom welcome Facebook pages but do you know what a custom Facebook page should do for you?

Often people spend too much money on a custom welcome page without even understanding the proper usage of it, here’s a hint, it’s so much more then just gaining a fan.

The first thing you need to understand is that a custom welcome page is nothing more than a landing page for new fans. If you have your new custom page set as the default tab for new fans (as you should) this is what new fans will see instead of being taken directly to your wall.  This is what people who are not already fans see when they find your Facebook page. If you are thinking that people who are already your fans are revisiting this page, you are mistaken. The likelihood of this is slim.

A Couple of mistakes are being made here right off the bat when it comes to these pages.

1) Your fancy welcome page is nothing more than an image telling people to like the page. 

Ever go to a page and be greeted with a fancy image stating, “Like our page for exclusive discounts, news and events from our awesome company?” You clicked on like expecting something magical to happen as a thank you for “liking” the page and becoming a fan only to discover nothing happened. You still see that same image telling you to like the page. Boo. Reward your fans, this is your chance to capture not only their interest but maybe some contact information for marketing efforts you are going to do down the road. The right technology platform will allow you to create a great looking page and once that precious like button is clicked it will display new content such as a newsletter sign up form that can now encourage people to share their information with you to receive an exclusive coupons or something to that effect.  You have gained a fan AND added to your email database.

2) Your welcome page contains images with links embedded for users to click through to items on your website.

Ever go to a Facebook page and all you see are several images with a call out for you to click on them? For example, images that display items such as “buy tickets here” or “get your official merchandise here” and when you click on the corresponding image it takes you to their website? This case confuses me; the brand has directed you to their Facebook page only to direct you away from it. Somebody in the marketing department is missing the boat here.  

Welcome tabs serve no purpose if they are not served properly to a potential fan. Be sure you understand what these pages should be doing for your brand before you waste your time, effort and money on something that is just designed to look pretty.             

Don’t Send Poorly Timed Tweets For Your Brand!

26 May

Social Media Messages

Being new here in Atlanta I like to track local businesses such as bars, restaurants, shops and basically any local business in the area that is attempting to use social media in their day to day communications with their fans and followers. It’s Just my way of getting acquainted with the digital network in here in the south, also it’s the part social media geek in me that is curious as to how business are approaching social media for their marketing efforts.

I have made some discoveries over 60 days of listening; I have seen the good, the bad and the downright ugly. I am going to speak a bit about the ugly, quite frankly it’s irritating to me when I see it, and much like nails on a chalkboard I cringe at ill-timed social media messaging.

I will not call out any names, I’m not writing this to be damaging to any local Atlanta business so I will refrain from names, that and one of the worst examples of social media comes from my favorite bar. Sigh…

Timing of your social messaging is crucial and it’s quite simplistic when you think about it. We have come to an era where the first thing that we do once we wake up while we are still lying in our beds is to reach over and grab our phone to check our social networks.  Don’t lie, I know you do. So riddle me this why at 8am would I ever want to see a tweet on how delicious your chicken fingers are? This is a poorly timed automated scheduled tweet from a local sports bar. Two quick points, first its 8 am, and the last thing on my mind is chicken fingers and second thing is that they are not even that good. I’ve had them, it was just aite for me dawg. (That was my best Randy Jackson)

I know these are automated tweet because they happen every morning at 8:04am and are published through a tool called Social Oomph. I also know that an agency runs their social media efforts, I didn’t look into my crystal ball to figure this one out I just notice the same businesses sending out the same tweets via the same publisher (Social Oomph) at the same time with the same ill-timed marketing message.

Be very aware when the time is appropriate to send out social your social messages, even the larger worldwide brands I have seen make this mistake with their social messaging. You just need to be conscious of your communications with your fans and followers  and remember not to always be slamming marketing messages down your follower’s throats, “Have you tried our delicious Chicken Fingers?” not only is that message un-imaginative it’s just flat out lame, especially at 8am. Now if you are a coffee shop, its perfect timing to be talking about coffee but at 9pm, not so much

Know your audience and know when the right time is for them to think about your product or service. Don’t make assumptions and certainly do not let your agency make assumptions on your behalf. You wouldn’t tweet to a group of vegetarians that you serve half pound hamburgers would you?

And to whomever the agency is that is out there scheduling these tweets for all of their clients at the same time, come’on man!  Follow Me: @AtlantaSnoop

So You Think Twitter is Stupid? Look Again…

23 May

Think Twitter is Stupid?

How many times have you heard people say that they just do not understand what the point of Twitter is? In my world It’s pretty routine for my friends to give me a hard time about my activity on Twitter, let alone the fact that I go to “tweet ups” frequently. “Do you all get together, sit in a room and tweet each other?” That’s exactly what we do, great joke man…

It’s clear you understand nothing about Twitter, so here are some quick points to help you understand the value of Twitter.

1)   Don’t want to Tweet? Just follow what interests you.

What are your interests? Do you enjoy sports? News? Politics? Cooking? Follow experts that tweet about the information that matters to you; this is an awesome way to get news and tips directly from the source and you can do this without ever having to send a single tweet. Love sports? Follow athletes from your favorite team and get an unfiltered look into the lives of the players you see on TV everyday.

2)   Finding conversations with people who share similar interests as you.

Don’t just follow people for the sake of following people, do searches for conversations based around your personal interests. Take advantage of www.Search.Twitter.com and select advanced search, you will be able to target some very specific things that people are talking about. For example, Yankees fan? Do a search for the hashtag #Yankees during the game and jump in the conversation with other Yankee fans that are watching the game.

3)   Using Twitter for business?

Use Twitter to establish an identity and create a brand image for yourself or your company. Tweet to provide value for your customers or to the people that follow you, never be salesy or spammy with your tweets. Give tips, advice, offer help and engage with other people. Be a real person! It’s a major turn off to people who think you are a robot that is constantly trying to sell something to them.

These are just a few examples that can help you use Twitter to your benefit, I encourage you to try it out if nothing more then following specific people that are of interest to you.  It allows you unfiltered access to people and news sources like we have never had before. 

Thanks to Twitter I have connected with people I otherwise would not of had a chance to connect with. I’ve made some great friends and networked with people in the same business industry that I am in. I have started a company with somebody I have met through Twitter and had that company acquired two years later, so before you joke about our Tweet-Ups just give some consideration to the opportunities that you may be missing by not being involved in the right conversations.  Follow Me: @AtlantaSnoop

Don’t Leave New Fans Stranded on Your Facebook Page

20 Apr

Flip Burger Atlanta

While I appreciate your attempt to be socially engaging with your brand you haven’t really done anything to be socially engaging. Indulge me for a moment.

As I am sure you already know, its all the rage these days to build an engaging Facebook page if you plan to cultivate a following and rightfully so. Taking advantage of the tools that are out there to help you create a fancy Facebook page makes sense for your company and your fans.  But whatever you do, don’t leave your fans stranded on your page with nowhere to go or nothing to engage in.

Let us use Flip Burger here in Atlanta as our case in point and let me add this as a disclaimer, I love this restaurant. Seriously, they are amazing if you are looking for an incredible burger and shake but lets break down their Facebook page for a minute.

When you visit the page you see this wonderful image of one of their killer milkshakes prompting you to like their page and “sign up and join the conversation”.  Ok, sounds good right? Click on that “like” button notice NOTHING happening? I’m stranded on their Facebook page with nothing to do, I was ready to sign up and join the conversation. Hell, it doesn’t even take me to their wall, I’m stuck looking at this picture of a milkshake. I liked the page and nothing happened, what gives? This is a missed opportunity for Flip Burger; at the very least they could have captured my information once I clicked that like button. After all I was ready to sign up.

So what am I rambling about?

What I am referring to is what I call “Fan Gating” your page. Creating an image, similar to the one you see on the Flip Burger page that is designed to prompt a user to click that magical little like button. Once that user clicks “Like”, that image should be replaced or “turn over” to display some sort of exclusive engaging content for that new fan.  What we are doing is saying to our potential fans, “hey like us and check out something really cool” or “like our page and we will give you an exclusive coupon to redeem”. In the case of Flip Burger, according to their “sign up and join the conversation” message, that page should of flipped over and displayed some sort of sign up form. It could be a sign up for a mailing list, a coupon, a giveaway or really anything else they would like to offer. This way at the very least they are capturing that users information for future marketing efforts.

Here is the Flip Burger page:



A proper fan gated page by The Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing Company


As I said this is a missed marketing opportunity but nonetheless an awesome burger and shake, if you’re in Atlanta I suggest you get there, NOW.

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