Is Your Social Media Presence the Ford Pinto of Social Media?

Social Media Strategy

But you hired an expert, how could you not be getting any results? You also have a very cool looking Facebook page, sweet…

Beyond looking cool, you’re not doing much of anything else to help your cause.

Social media is too much, too fast and too encompassing for any one man to be defined as an expert. The self-proclaimed experts are jack of all trade types but master of none. They are your local social media handy-man, they can come in and hang some pictures on your wall, mow the lawn and maybe even fix that leaky faucet but when you need somebody to put a new addition on your house you’re probably going to want to bring somebody in that can handle that task. Social media strategy for your business should be thought of in the same light. Through technology “experts” often create some interesting looking Facebook pages, set up your Twitter background and maybe even create you a Foursquare special, which can look impressive, but under the hood it’s a totally different story.  You’re missing your strategy, the core component of your social media efforts. You did want this to work for your business didn’t you?

Successful social media has many moving parts and without properly integrating those parts into your strategy you can easily fall flat in your efforts. Think of it like the engine in your car, your engine can be in fine working order but take away the oil and you will eventually be buying a new engine. Foursquare efforts can work with your Twitter efforts which can then compliment your Facebook presence and your Facebook presence can compliment your e-commerce efforts back on your website.  Ok that was complicated, but you get the drift, many moving parts that work together but must be properly tuned to work in perfect harmony to achieve your goals. Your social media handy man hasn’t thought of this.

Be cautious, even the people who are telling you not to hire a social media expert can be as slick as that self proclaimed social media expert as well.

People are often captivated by smooth talking individuals that can present themselves as being knowledgeable subject matter experts on topics that others are not well informed on. These are the people who can get in front of a crowd and captivate the room, drop some knowledge, be exciting, shout a few curses and get a rise out of the crowd. These are the people who are revered and it’s not just in social media. Look at all those people who are scammed by multi-level-marketing schemes where a slick talking, exuberant persona speaks to a room full of people all of whom are desperate to find an easy way to make a buck and are captivated by wild promises of riches that are beyond imagination. That is as long as you buy into the program with your cash first.  

Always be cautious as to who you hire and the promises that they throw your way, do your due diligence and ask to see examples of their work as well as measurable results. Don’t fall for the “doesn’t this look cool?” Facebook page routine; remember a nicely painted 1971 Ford Pinto is still a Ford Pinto.  

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2 thoughts on “Is Your Social Media Presence the Ford Pinto of Social Media?

  1. Good points – objectives and strategy are more important than broadcast approach! I’d like to see good examples of that Foursquare-Twitter-Facebook-website plan.

    1. Thanks for your comment Jake. That is a good idea for a future post, a good example of somebody tying all of these properties together and messaging properly.

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