DISH Network Charges us $14,898 for Monthly Service

Dish Network RIP OFF

DISH Network charges us $14,898 and tells us it’s our fault. 

To DISH it’s no big deal. Two charges for $7,499 dollars within a week of each other certainly has to be a mistake right? 

To Dish Network, it’s not a big deal they are just another multi million-dollar company that doesn’t care about their customers. They have overdrawn my girlfriends bank account twice now leaving her with zero dollars. That’s zero dollars, for gas, food, and paying your right. In this case, you can also include moving expenses and buying a new car as that was what we were trying to do before Dish Network continued with their fraudulent charges against our account.

So what happened? A week ago we entered an online payment for a monthly services of $74.49 and DISH Network accepted this as $7,449. Realizing that we did not want to pay DISH over 7 Grand for their already terrible monthly television services we picked up the phone and called them to cancel the charge and pay the correct amount. This is where things get interesting.

Shockingly the first rep told us that it wasn’t their fault and there was nothing to do, call our bank. Ok, so we called the bank, they were equally as shocked to hear what DISH Network told us to do. So we called back in hopes to get another rep that would be more helpful to us instead we got further explanation as to why they could not cancel this pending charge and that we needed to wait the 3+ days for them to reverse the charges.

After going for several days and having several hours of phone calls between the bank and DISH Network the fees were finally reversed. Whew, it was rough having zero dollars in a bank account.

This morning at 6am the bank called, DISH Network has charged our bank account again for $7,499 and now we were overdrawn with a down payment on a new car pending. Not to mention the upcoming moving expenses we have, being overdrawn, everything is bouncing.

Immediately we call DISH Network, the rep reduced my girlfriend to tears as he said that it was not their fault because we messed up in paying them.

So here we are, roughly 7 thousand dollars overdrawn and DISH Network is laughing at us telling us it is our fault.

Please share this story with everyone you can at the very least it will give us peace of mind that their fraudulent actions are being exposed while we wait to legally get our money back. 

PS – On a somewhat laughable note, the DISH rep told us today that we would be required to pay a $10 fee since the funds where not available. Sure ,why not just tack it on our bill whats another ten bucks…


2 thoughts on “DISH Network Charges us $14,898 for Monthly Service

  1. I’ve been with Directv for 10 years, and have never had a bad customer service experience. That is unreal, I would be thinking about legal action if I were you.

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