Networking? Get @Rapportive it’s a no Brainer

It’s easy to make your Gmail account so much more powerful. These days people are connected and I mean really connected. At a minimum people are plugged into Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. So why not discover immediately where those people you have been emailing are actually connected? With a handy little add-on for Gmail called Rapportive you now can.


Here’s the scoop, you know those wonderful ads that “scan” your email for relevant keywords so they can display “relevant” ads to the right of every single email that you open? Rapportive replaces those ads with information about the contact that you have been emailing. It displays information such as recent tweets, Facebook profiles and a big one for me, Linkedin. According to Rapportive that is just the tip of the iceberg. They seem to incorporate a slew of other networks that somebody may be plugged into as well. Myspace, YouTube, Flickr the list of social networks that it will track is pretty robust.

The super cool thing here is that in addition to being able to see where people are connected you can actually add these people to your network directly. Want to connect on Linkedin? With the click of a button directly from your email your Linkedin request has been sent. Want to friend your email contact on Facebook, click, DONE.

If you are doing business networking these days Rapportive is an essential tool for you to utilize. It is such an incredible timesaver at finding out the things that you are scouring Google for anyway.  Kudos, Rapportive, its official, I love you.

Check out, the installation is super easy and it’s going to make connecting with people so much easier for you, trust me.

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