Be Committed for a Successful Social Media Presence

social media commitment

All too often people get started with social media for their business with the wrong mindset.  The common thought is that by just setting up a Facebook page and Twitter account social media magic will happen.  They don’t understand the commitment that goes into properly maintaining your social media presence and growing it into something that can provide a positive impact for your business.

Too many times I hear, “I didn’t have time to update our Facebook page this week things have been really busy for me”. Actually Mr. Client, its been precisely 9 days but I am not counting or anything.  The next thing I logically hear from that same client is that “social media just doesn’t seem to be working for us, we even did Facebook ads”. No kidding its not working for you and those magic beans you planted in your backyard didn’t grow either right?

Your social media brand presence must be nurtured on a daily basis, you must be committed to it ALL THE TIME. This is why it is essential to make sure that you have dedicated resources within your organization that can cater to your growing social presence.  Social media doesn’t sleep; your customers or potential customers do not just turn the Internet off on the weekends and slip back into the stone ages. People are going to talk via social outlets all weekend long about your brand and the question is will you be there to engage them in a timely matter when they do so.  Even if they are not directly talking about you will you still be there to take the opportunity to jump into a conversation that pertains to your brand? Not if you’re doing social media part time, you will surely miss opportunities.

It is very hard for a person that holds other responsibilities within an organization to take on the role of social media manager in addition to doing their other duties. Often times this is what occurs within organizations, social responsibilities are just dropped on an already full plate of an employee that now causes all of their work duties to suffer.  Don’t just assume that you can give this responsibility to an employee whom you think would be good to handle it and then expect magical results.

Be committed or get somebody who is committed and passionate about your brand to represent your online social presence. Take your time, dedicate resources, develop a strategy with measurable goals and you will see your brands social presence grow effectively over time.

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