Why Your Business Needs Foursquare


All things overheard about the insanely popular location based check-in social network Foursquare

  • Foursquare is stupid.
  • Foursquare is pointless
  • There is no value for my business
  • I don’t get why people want to check in

These are all things that come from people that don’t understand the business benefit of encouraging people to “check in” to their business.  

First the facts:

  • Users: Over 8 million worldwide, adding around 35,000 new users each day
  • Check-ins per day: Over 2.5 million, with over half a billion check-ins in the last year
  • Businesses: Over 250,000 using the Merchant Platform (more information at foursquare.com/business)

So now that we have the objection “nobody uses it out of the way” lets address how it can be helpful for your business.

Foursquare allows friends to “friend” you on their application so that they can keep tabs on all the great locations that you go. Foursquare users also have the ability to link their personal Facebook and Twitter accounts so that once they “check in” somewhere they can also share that with their Facebook friends and Twitter followers.  This allows the Foursquare user to exponentially increase the reach of who is viewing their “check in”. 

Let us picture an example for a moment; you are a local ice cream shop with a special on Foursquare that once you check in you can get an ice cream cone for a dollar. That’s an awesome special and I want an ice cream cone for a buck so I check in and share with my friends that I am enjoying an awesome double chocolate chunk ice cream cone. My buddy who is sitting at home staring at Facebook sees that I just checked in and now he knows where he is going tomorrow, the local ice cream shop for an ice cream cone for a buck.

This also works if you’re a major national brand such as Tasti D-Lite. Foursquare has allowed them to reach a demographic that they otherwise were not reaching. They found that the typical Foursquare user demographic for Tasti D-Lite is a young thrifty male that will visit more frequently then their core demographic which is predominately female.

Foursquare can open doors to help you reach a new customer demographic and bringing new customers through your doors is always welcome. 

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