Digital Summit 2011 in Atlanta Day 1

Digital Summit Gary Vaynerchuck

Monday May 16th Digital Summit in Atlanta kicked off so a lot of you who follow me on Twitter saw a ton of Tweets with the hash tag #DSum11 accompanying them. It was a big day as Gary Vaynerchuck was the featured keynote speaker at the conference he delivered in the typical Vay-Ner-Chuck fashion, which can only be described as awesome.

The day started at 2pm and it was great to connect with so many social media people here in Atlanta. It was definitely awesome to meet many of you in person as we have frequently connected virtually through our networks.

Following the #DSum11 stream on Twitter today proved to be more lively then many of the speakers today unfortunately. I believe this was partly because of the limited time that they were given for their presentations. You really can only present very high level information when given 20 minutes to present your companies social media approach which leads to information that was common knowledge to many of social media folks. “Fish where the fish are” was one major brand presenter’s social media advice for us which lead many of us to joke, “no kidding, you mean we should be using Facebook and Twitter for our social media campaigns”. In the brand manager’s defense, given more time to explain I believe she would have had the opportunity to explain how and where to find the communities within the major social networks, in essence finding those fish.

Tomorrow is day 2 of Digital Summit Atlanta and I hope to meet many more of you and learn even more from our speakers. If you are in attendance, be sure to say hello! – @AtlantaSnoop

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