Chillin in Amazons Cloud, it’s Pretty Here…

Amazon CloudPlayer

So I have spent some time in the new Amazon Cloud and I can honestly say its pretty awesome.  Say what? Let me explain:

If you went to recently you may have noticed a message positioned directly in front of your face regarding the launch of their new music player called “Amazon Cloud Player”.  What this does is allow you to store your music files on the Amazon servers so that you can access them from whatever computer or mobile device that you choose to log into them from.  Example A: That new Jay Z album you downloaded to your computer is great until you drop your computer down the stairs, completely destroying it. If you had saved that Jay Z album in the cloud, you would be able to get onto another computer and access it from there. As for your computer, you’re gonna need a new one… Ya follow me?

Cloud Computing


What is important from a usability standpoint is that its super easy to use, which is always important if you are going to get adoption from the masses. Not everyone can pretend to be as tech savvy as yours truly 😉

The scoop: You get 5GB of free storage for your music, the only download you need to do is the one that helps you upload and download the tracks into your Cloud. Amazon will automatically search for music in your folders and prompt you to upload to those to the cloud. Depending on your Internet connection and how many songs your uploading this could take some time so be prepared to do something else in the meantime. Some of you may have the idea that this will replace itunes, nope, you cannot sync your ipod from the Amazon Cloud, sorry.

The cloud player can downloaded from the Amazon app store, this is going to allow you to take your music on the go if you are using an Android, Blackberry or Palm smart phone.  Download the app, log into your cloud, and bam you have everything that you have just uploaded at your disposal for your listening pleasure.

Oh and for you iPhone fanboys, if your using an iPhone, well like the commercial says, “if you don’t have an iPhone you don’t have an iPhone”. It’s good to have an Android because there is no iPhone support at this time.

Have you tried out Amazon’s cloud player yet? What are your impressions?

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